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Support Services

At GCCASV we have two different programs, both are free of charge.


Our Sexual Violence Program provides crisis support, counselling, practical support through related legal and medical procedures, and therapeutic and educational groups to victims and survivors of recent and/or past sexual violence. This program does not require a formal referral. Call us during office hours (Mon-Frid 9am-5pm on 07 55911164).


Our Women's Health & Wellbeing Program provides counselling, support, and advocacy services to women who have experienced gender-based violence in their past and are now safe and post-crisis. This program requires a referral from an organisation or individual practitioner along with a Risk Assessment and Safety Plan. In limited circumstances take self-referral. You can learn more about this on our Referrals page. 

We also provide information and support to partners, friends and relatives of women who have experienced sexual violence.

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Comforting Hands

For Victim/Survivors

  • Crisis support

  • Professional Counselling

    • Face to face

    • Telephone

    • Video (telehealth)

  • Practical support through related legal processes

  • Therapeutic and Educational groups​


  • Information to partners, relatives, and friends

  • Individual counselling and support for partners, relatives, and friends of clients or potential clients

  • Strategies to support the victim/survivor

For the

  • Resources distributed

  • Public awareness campaigns

  • Presentations to students and the community

  • Training for professionals

  • Identification of trends

  • Lobbying for change

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