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The experience and impacts of sexual violence are different for everyone. 

Whatever your reaction, it is a normal response to an extreme emotional and physical violation. 



This diagram shows just some of the impacts of experiencing a traumatic event such as sexual, domestic, and family violence. It is normal to feel all of these, some of these, or none of these. 

Emotions are not behaviours

Even emotions you think are negative are perfectly normal and you have the right to explore and express them. For example, anger as an emotion is normal, healthy, and often justified and should not be avoided. However, the behaviours we may use to demonstrate anger can be destructive to ourselves and those around us. 


Dissociation is a survival mechanism. The mind detaches from the body to try and protect you. If you feel numb or spaced out sometimes you might be dissociating. 

Sex and intimacy

Sexual violence is NOT sex, it is non-consensual assault and feels traumatising. Sometimes it can be hard to exist in a body that has experienced physical trauma. When sex is a trigger it can be a challenge. Remember, you deserve to enjoy sexual activity and intimacy.

You won't always feel the way you do right now.


Healing from trauma takes time and at GCCASV we believe that hope is an important part of the healing process. Hope is recognising that there is life after sexual, domestic, and family violence. Hope is knowing and believing a better future is around the corner. 

Our skilled and experienced team can work with you to develop tools for re-establishing control in your life. 

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