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Our Work

Gold Coast Centre Against Sexual Violence is a feminist agency staffed entirely by women. 

Our COVID safe, welcoming space is open:

  • Monday, Thursday, Friday (9am-5pm)

  • Tuesday, Wednesday (9am - 7.30pm)

We offer face to face, phone, and video counselling and support. 

Our premises are designed to support accessibility for all women. This includes accessible parking, ramps, lifts, toilets, and counselling rooms.

Your Rights

As a survivor of domestic, family or sexual violence, you have the right to deal with your own life, in your own way, at your own pace. 

Your rights are also accompanied by responsibilities. 

You can learn more about these in the Client Bill of Rights. 

You can learn more about accessing our service in the client information book. 

Our Community

Sexual, Domestic, and Family Violence are social issues that impact individuals and the communities we live in.


At GCCASV we are working hard to raise awareness about the impacts of sexual violence as well as how we can all work together to prevent this issue. 

We shine a particular focus on these issues in May, which is Domestic Violence Prevention Month and October, which is Sexual Violence Awareness Month. 

GCCASV produces a range of resources for the community and other professionals. You can download many of these on our website or get in touch with us to see what we have in stock to send out. 

We are always looking for voices to help amplify our message and we encourage you to join us on social media using the #startbybelievingaustralia and #stopsexualviolence hashtags. 

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