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Counselling at GCCASV is for women, young women, and older women. 


It is focused on how you are feeling and the affects your experience of violence is having on your life.


Our experienced staff are available to support you no matter how long ago you were assaulted or what stage you are at in your healing journey.


We offer individual counselling and a range of support groups to meet identified needs.

In your initial counselling session, you will have the opportunity to discuss your support needs and counselling goals and will be provided with information regarding the support and therapy that can be offered. This discussion will continue and evolve throughout your counselling journey.


Counselling at GCCASV is underpinned by a feminist framework, is strengths based and holistic in nature, meaning that you will be related to as the expert in your own life and have ultimate control over the direction, content and focus of the support you receive.


You have the right to decide what you talk about and how much you share. The counselling will take into account your history, present circumstances and future goals and will focus on how you are feeling and the impact of the experience/s of violence on your life.


The support offered is always trauma-informed and evidence based; it is delivered by qualified professionals with a tertiary degree in counselling, social work, social/behavioural sciences, or psychology.


Your counsellor will gather information to collaborate with you in formulating a counselling plan to meet your needs. This will be reviewed regularly and updated as needed to ensure that it continues to be reflective of your personal situation and support requirements.


You have the right to ask questions, request further information and change your mind at any time during your counselling journey.

Sexual Violence Program

Our Sexual Violence program is for:

  • all women and folk with lived experience as a woman

  • 14 years old and over

  • currently living on the Gold Coast

  • who have been subjected to sexual violence at any time in their lives

We also offer one-off sessions to non-offending parents, partners, and friends who are supporting a current client.


Our youngest clients are in their early teens and  Margarita was one of our older clients at 96.

Sexual violence is an umbrella term for a whole range of unwanted sexual behaviours that can make a person feel uncomfortable, scared, or angry.

It might be something that happened many years ago or just yesterday, whatever your experience it doesn't have to meet any criteria for being 'bad enough' or 'severe enough'. If it is impacting you and the way you live your life then counselling may help.

Women's Health & Wellbeing Program

Our Women's Health & Wellbeing Program is for:

  • Women 18 years or older

  • Seeking support in relation to an adult experience of Intimate Partner Violence

  • Post Crisis

  • Minimum of 6 months since separation

  • Physically and emotionally safe and stable

  • Living in safe, secure accommodation

  • No current breaches of DVO or Bail

  • Ready to engage in specialist counselling


Domestic Violence can occur in intimate relationships, including relationships where you are dating or living together, regardless of gender or sexuality.


The violence isn’t always physical and can include a wide range of behaviours including controlling behaviour, emotional abuse, stalking, technology facilitated abuse, coercion, financial and social abuse, and sexual violence. Domestic violence also rarely happens as a single incident. It is most likely to be a pattern of ongoing behaviour that can include multiple tactics used to intimidate, control and abuse someone.

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