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Client Bill of Rights

As a survivor of sexual violence, you have the right to deal with your own life, in your own way, at your own pace. You have the right to:

  • Be believed

  • Be treated with respect and dignity

  • Have a safe counselling environment

  • Be accompanied by a support person

  • Privacy and confidentiality

  • Receive accurate and relevant information

  • Seek and receive high-quality, empowering support

  • Have culture, ethnic background, beliefs and sexuality respected

  • Ask questions

  • Refuse to have case notes recorded

  • Access and amend your records

  • Have the autonomy to make and change decisions

  • Request a change in counsellor

  • Make a complaint if not satisfied with the service

  • Decide whether or not to proceed with legal action

  • Take control of your healing journey



Client Responsibilities

Your rights are also accompanied by responsibilities, these include:

  • To be considerate of the rights of others using the service –especially their right to confidentiality

  • To be respectful to GCCASV staff members

  • To let us know if our information or explanation has been difficult to understand

  • To let us know if you are unable to keep an appointment

  • To let us know of any special needs, e.g. needing to bring children to the service, having specific access requirements, or needing an interpreter etc.

  • To attend appointments without being under the influence of alcohol or illicit drugs

If you believe your rights have not been upheld you can make a complaint by speaking to a worker, or the Director or use the Compliments, Comments and Complaints form. You can also contact the Management Committee via PO Box 1924 Southport Q 4215 or the Department of Justice and Attorney General


Please note that the organisation does not discontinue or reduce services or take any recriminatory action in relation to a person who has made a complaint.

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